Saturday, May 15, 2010

'cause I feel like it

Oh man, where to start?
Seeing as how I have not been the most avid blogger, I feel as if I need to fill everyone in. This past week was bike week for those of us living in the Myrtle Beach area. Now usually, this generally has no affect on me; however, this spring I am working at Texas Roadhouse and it DEFINITELY has an affect on that. Aside from the extra road-rage it induced, I received little benefits from the experience. My tip money did not increase as much as everyone said it would and neither did my paycheck! But, I am not complaining, I am grateful that I even have a job. 
In addition to work, I am still going to "school". I placed school in quotations because my AP English "film study" and my government nap hour can't really be given that credit. But, it's almost all over! My last exams are coming up at the end of this week and then it's all summer breeze until I graduate on May 28th! I have obviously sent out my grad invites already and have also received two gifts! My mother's close friends, the Griffiths, have given me a Vera Bradley laptop case (of my very own, seeing as how I previously took my mother's).
The colors of the pattern, Sittin' In a Tree, match the colors on my stationary for my thank-you cards! How cute, haha
The Matthews (close family friends from our home town of Gastonia, NC) have also already given me my gift. They got me white bedroom slippers with my monogram on them, as well as a Lilly Pulitzer poplin sleep shirt! really cute gift idea.
This week is my last week of high school and it is proving to be bittersweet. I am SO READY to be done with high school but soooo hesitant to leave my friends! Hopefully it will all go over nicely, and Charleston isn't to far from home, so i'm sure i'll get visits from my friends while I am at CofC!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mixed and Mashed day today
I stayed home sick from school because I got a fairly strong head-cold.
Rob came home today though, and in addition to that, it is never a boring day in a house of six. The majority of my morning was spent sleeping and when I woke up I was home alone. Well..not necessarily alone...Dee, Michael, and Wanda were here. Wanda is a permanent fixture in our home and Dee and Michael are here every tuesday to assist with maintenance. We all sat downstairs and watched The Young and The Restless followed by Divorce Court as I ate my Chicken-Noodle Soup, delish.
I then enjoyed an episode of Dr. Phil about moms bullying their children. Those people are CCCWWWWAAAAAZZZZYYYYYY.
If I was two years-old, I would run from you too if you told me you were gunna shove my food down my throat..duh.
Someone has some stored up anger.
I filled out my graduation announcements and put them in the mailbox. I can't believe it! I feel like just last week I was sitting in Ms. Baucum's 4th grade class watching her eat those nasty eggs, all the while tellin' us we needed to start wearing deodorant because we smelt bad! What a great gal.
Anyway, watched Avatar with Chris Eckard and now I think I will allow myself to enjoy another nap sesh before dinner. Much Love

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Off to work at the wonderful world of Texas Roadhouse.
Who doesn't like sweeping a crap-load of peanuts off the floor, am I right?
Dreading the job, but loving the checks.
My wonderful brother comes home tomorrow from College of Charleston, I'm looking forward to having him home again. He makes everything....FUNNIER!